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Regarding enrollment in dual vocational studies in Australia

Mirai International Joint Stock Company is an enterprise licensed by the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs to operate the service of sending Vietnamese labours to work abroad for the first time, No.1009/LDTBXH-GP dated 29 December 2017 and changed to license No. 20/LDTBXH-GP on 09 August 2022; was granted a business registration certificate for study abroad consulting services by the Hanoi Department of Education and Training for the first time on 11 October 2017 and renewed for the first time on 12 September 2022.

Mirai International Joint Stock Company is a member of the Labor Export Association ( ) and participates in applying and strengthening the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Vietnamese businesses. Nam sends workers to work abroad (CoC – VN); Thoroughly comply with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Based on the plan to receive international students of training schools in Australia, Mirai Internatinal Joint Stock Company respectfully announces the admission of dual vocational study abroad students in Australia with the following content:

1. Admission conditions:

– Graduated from high school or higher, age 18 – 25;

– IELTS certificate is not required, however candidates with IELTS 5.0 certificate can enroll in the major from the first year.

– Criminal record certificate No.2 has no criminal record;

– Have no illegal relatives in Australia;

– Never failed an Australian visa;

– Have good health, no infectious diseases.

2. Training profession

3. Benefits when participating in the program:

– Students can sign a labour contract with ASMI Group immediately after passing the admission interview. The contract ensures students have a stable job as soon as they arrive in Australia. Working time is 38 hours/week during the first 3 months of probation. From the 4th month, students will be able to work 40 hours/week.

– Students enrolling in the English course without an IELTS certificate will be able to choose 3 working occupations: Agriculture, Restaurant or Cleaning.

– Students enrolling in specialized courses will be able to work immediately at facilities according to their major such as nursing homes, kindergartens, restaurants, and hotels.

– Salary from 23 AUD ~ 26 AUD/hour.

– After graduating from 2 years of majoring with a CER III certificate, valid in 52 countries, ASMI Group will sign a labor contract and students will be transferred to Visa 482 (ASMI Group can be proposed to guarantee Bring relatives to work with you) with higher income according to each profession.

For example: 89AUD/hour for nursing

– If you study an additional year in a major with a CER IV certificate, the salary for a nurse is 120 AUD/hour.

– Settle in Australia: After 5 years of studying and working in Australia, the group will support workers to convert to Permanent Residence (PR) Visa. At this time, permanent residents will be able to sponsor their spouse/children to live in Australia.

– Support for immigration and transportation from the airport when students arrive in Australia. ASMI Group arranges housing for students. Support in purchasing personal belongings for living and working when arriving in Australia. Support and guidance on arranging transportation when going to school and work in Australia. Insurance support and welfare regimes according to Australian government regulations. Support immigration lawyers to protect rights and extend visa conversion in Australia.

4. Path to study – work and settle in Australia

Step 1: Students register to participate in the Study Abroad & Employment program

Step 2: Review applications, interview and complete admission procedures & Sign labor contract

Step 3: English training, basic and communication

Step 4: Pay tuition, Receive invitation letter and complete procedures in Vietnam

Step 5: Complete the application and proceed with the visa application process

Step 6: Study and work in Australia; Convert to Visa 482 after graduating from major; Convert to Permanent Residence Visa after 5 years.

5. Visa application documents:

– Application for Australian student visa (according to form);

– Detailed personal declaration form

– Passport, citizen identification card.

– 04 photos sized 4x6cm.

– Certificate of residence;

– Curriculum vitae with local confirmation.

– Notarized birth certificate.

– Notarized marriage certificate (if any)

– Confirm work experience (if you have ever worked).

– Financial proof documents.

– Certificate of health insurance and travel insurance

6. Time

– Examination time: ……………………………………….

– Estimated time of departure: ……………………………………..

7. Contact information:

– Head office: 2nd Floor, No. 47 Le Loi Street, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi

– Transaction office: 3rd Floor, Tay Ha Tower, No.19 To Huu Street, Trung Van Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

– Phone: 0246.6565.118
– Fax: 0243.3519659


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